Evening pages

Evening pages

Julia Cameron says to write morning pages. I take morning walks. So I will write evening pages. I think she also says never to read your morning pages, and she definitely says not to type them, but I am publishing this, so there. I have no plan for what to write. I will just spend 10 minutes or so splurping out my insides. I heard someone say this recently; it was either my Old Kid or John McWhorter, I can’t remember. Quite possibly both.

There are two comments that I read on the Internet recently that sparked my interest, and could potentially turn into some sort of story:

  1. Somebody on Ask a Manager complained about how her coworker was slacking off and the other teammates had to pick up her work. This story unfolded in the comments. First the coworker was on the Internet too much. Then she was reading and listening to music in her office. Eventually she was actually painting, with an easel and paint brushes, in her office. And! SHE CRIED when her coworkers said they would not do her work for her, because she needed to finish her painting.
  2. A divorce lawyer mentioned that she had seen a surprising number of cases where a just-for-fun FFM threesome ended up with the two women getting married to each other and kicking out the original husband. Another divorce lawyer agreed.

It turns out 10 minutes is not very long. Bye.

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