It’s been a while since I’ve written. Here are some things that are going on.

First, I found my sandals! They have been missing since our trip to the Grand Canyon. They are very ugly but my terrible feet need them. My feet were hurting so I’m happy they are back.

Second, there are too many new laws and everybody needs to chill out for a while and stop making laws. Sometime very soon, I need to catch up with the new California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, the updated Massachusetts Equal Pay Act, recent Supreme Court Wayfair decision about sales tax, and the proposed EU Copyright Directive (which, thank goodness, was voted down yesterday so I have a few months before it comes back around for a new vote).

Third, it is summer now. Summer is complicated. I start planning in January with a spreadsheet covering each of the 10 weeks and the weekends in between. It became more complicated when my parents bailed on me for a week of childcare. (They had a good reason.) We have lots of fun things planned, but it always feels like everything is crammed in and we’re running from place to place. At least until mid-August, when we will have two normal weeks at home with nothing special to do. It’s on the schedule as breathing time.

Fourth, I am really not following through on my New Year’s resolution to get paid for something that I write this year. I think more about writing than actually writing. At some point I will figure that out. But not now because I have lunches to pack.

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